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What Makes a Great Pest Control Company?


Every company has a story and Douglas Karr of the Off the Circle podcast asked us to share ours. We’re serial entrepreneurs and have worked across several industries. Over the years, we’ve identified what makes businesses perform well and what doesn’t.

With regard to the pest control industry, we saw an industry with several issues:

  • A lack of competition aside from huge national brands that didn’t have a stake in the local region.
  • Intense sales pressure for unnecessary contracts and excessive treatments for extermination services.
  • Unlicensed staff that applied chemical treatments requiring much more attention.
  • Poor expectations set by uneducated staff that really don’t understand how to prevent and rid homes and businesses of pests.

We still see these issues with our competitors, even new ones that are unlicensed and using dishonest sales and marketing strategies to compete with us. It’s of no concern, though, as word of mouth continues to be the best resource for growing our business. Read our reviews and speak to our clients and you’ll find that we work to exceed expectations and carefully educate our clients with every service call.

As a business owner or homeowner, we know how frightening or embarrassing having a pest problem can be. We’ve been there – that’s why we started the business! But pests aren’t your fault – virtually every pest is seeking food or a place to lay their nest that just happens to be in your business or home. We’ll help you understand how they got there, how to pre-treat, how to rid yourself of them, and how to keep them from coming back.

What you’ll find with Freedom Pest Control:

  • We are your neighbors and have worked in central Indiana all our lives.
  • We do not push sales contracts and promise to only provide the treatments that are necessary.
  • We are licensed and you can look us up at the Office of Indiana State Chemist website.  Select the second tab, Pesticide Businesses, and search for the business name. The business should have Category 7A recorded online.
  • We continue to educate ourselves on treatments, pests, and pest control strategies through our membership in both the National Pest Management Association and the Indiana Pest Management Association.

Read our post on How to Select a Pest Control Company for more information.

We know that the best way to grow our business is to provide superior service to our customers. And it’s working! Got a question? Feel free to give us a call!

Note: If you’re reading this post via our feed or email, click through to Off the Circle to listen to our interview, From Pests to Alarms, We’re Talking Home Service Companies.

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