Selecting a pest control company can be intimidating if you’re not sure what you should be looking for. Like any other home service, you would search for you want to look for both quality and reliability.

Most of the time people are looking for a pest control company, it’s an urgent pest issue that they want to take care of immediately. Before rushing into a decision, though, take a few minutes to research and carefully select your pest control company.

Here are some questions you should have answered when considering a pest control company, either through research or talking to the company itself.

  1. Is the pest control company licensed? Most states require pest control companies to have a state issued pest control license. To be sure that the company you are considering is licensed, request the business name and look it up at the Office of Indiana State Chemist website.  Select the second tab, Pesticide Businesses, and search for the business name. The business should have Category 7A recorded online (see ours below).
  2. Is the pest control company bonded and insured? You also to be sure your pest control company is bonded – meaning that you will be reimbursed if there are any damages or loss that was the cause of the company.
  3. Does the company have a good track record and a list of references? Asking the company for a list of references is a great way to speak to clients that have had great experiences, however, you want to do research on your own as well. You should also check their company on popular social and home service review sites to ensure they’re  both established and have good reviews.
  4. Is the company pressuring you into a long-term contract? Not all pests require a long-term contract for prevention and maintenance. It’s unnecessary to send a sales person out to your home or business to pressure you into a contract. A pest control technician with honest and open pricing should be able to begin inspection and treatment on the spot.
  5. Can the employees identify the pest and explain the infestation? You want to be sure that the company and their employees are knowledgeable when it comes to your concerns.Your pest control service technician should be able to tell you exactly what the treatment is, how many applications, and how you can prevent the pest from returning. They should take the time to listen to your concerns – whether they’re about the chemicals used, the pets in the home, or any allergies in the family.
  6. Is the company making promises it can’t keep? It’s called pest control for a reason. After treatment, pests may find their way back into a home as applications wear off or measures aren’t taken to prevent intrusion again. However, great pesticide companies will educate and inform consumers with realistic expectations on their treatment of a pest and do their best to reduce the chances of them returning.
  7. Is the company affiliated with a pest control association? Professional associations keep companies up to date with the latest pest trends and informed on new methods and developments. Knowing the pest control company you are considering is in the association means they value their profession and their clients.

Looking for a quality pest control company can be easy when you know what you’re looking for. Asking yourself and the pest control company these questions can put you and your family at ease. Once you’ve picked a quality pest control company, be sure to keep a record of your experience, ask them about the tools and pesticides you will be using and continue communicating any questions or concerns you may have. Follow up with a rating and review on your favorite review site to let others know they’ve done a great job.

Freedom Pest Control belongs to both the National Pest Management Association and the Indiana Pest Management Association. Our service technicians are educated, licensed, bonded and insured. At Freedom Pest Control we stay up to date on the latest methods and techniques to ensure you stay pest free. Give us a call to set up an appointment and we can continue to answer any questions.

And, of course, we’re licensed:

How to Verify an Indiana Pest Control Business License