Freedom Pest Control is Central Indiana's Top Rated Commercial Pest Control Company

Freedom Pest Control is a top-rated and top-referred commercial pest control company serving central Indiana. We work with:

  • Restaurant Pest Control – chains, franchisees, stand-alone, and embedded
  • Warehouse and Storage Pest Control – we service a number of commercial warehouse and storage buildings
  • Government Pest Control – temporary and permanent housing. We are a preferred vendor for bed bug treatment.
  • Hotel and Lodging Pest Control – including hotels, motels, resorts, and casinos
  • Multi-family Housing Pest Control – including shelters, apartment complexes, and condominiums
  • Office Pest Control – single and multi-floor buildings and office spaces

Our exceptional growth in commercial pest control has been due to our superior service. Unlike many pest control companies, we do not pressure our clients into long-term contractual engagements. We treat and solve the problem quickly while taking the time to educate our clients on the process.

Our licensed technicians are sensitive to your needs and requests, including discussing our treatments and their environmental impact, pets, and allergies.