At Freedom Pest Control, we are all about educating our customers on how to prevent future infestations and problems so they don’t have to deal with the unwanted problems and hassles that come with pests. That’s why we have a variety of pest control resources available so you can learn about how to protect your home, business, or office in the future.

Pest Control Tips Blog

Learn the best tips and tricks for pest prevention and control to protect your home, business, and office from our team of experts.

Pre-treatment checklist for Bed Bugs

To help test your infestation quickly and efficiently, we’ve prepared this best practice checklist for you to follow for each treatment.

Download our Pre-Treatment Checklist

NPMA’s Comprehensive Pest Guide

Get the 411 on every bug, insect, rodent and pest in your home—and how to prevent an infestation—with this handy guide.