Freedom Pest Control is Central Indiana's Top Rated Residential Pest Control Company

Freedom Pest Control is a top-rated and top-referred residential pest control company serving central Indiana. We work with:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Duplexes
  • Single-Family homes


Residential Pest Control

At Freedom Pest Control, we are dedicated to serving the needs of our neighbors in central Indiana. We’ve set ourselves apart from other businesses in our industry by providing honest, professional service to our customers. We don’t believe in pressuring our customers into signing contracts for unnecessary services. Consider why Freedom Pest Control is the go-to choice of many residents in central Indiana.

First-Rate Residential Pest Control Services

Residents in central Indiana take advantage of pest control services for many reasons. Many residents arrange for pest control services because they want to prevent long-term damage to their homes. Mice and rats can chew on electrical wires within the walls of a residence. This can lead to a fire creating costly damage or even the complete loss of a house. Also, residents want to get rid of insects that can carry bacteria and diseases. Some people call us because they are simply tired of dealing with pests that never seem to run out of energy. Calling Freedom Pest Control is the first step to protecting your residence as well as the people living in it from the damage pests can do.

An Easy Path to Pest Protection

We can help you protect your residence from pests of many kinds. We make the process simple and convenient. First, you give us a call and tell us a little about your pest problem.  Our experienced and licensed dispatch team can normally diagnose while on the phone and answer your questions about our treatment options.  Occasionally a photo from your cell phone can speed up this process.  This saves time and money and let’s us get on with your treatment solution. After your service is scheduled, one of our licensed technicians will be dispatched to your home and will confirm the type of pests invading your home, where they are coming in and the extent of the problem and then immediately treat to resolve your confirmed issue.  We will NOT try to upsell you an annual agreement. Some residents want to know about the types of chemicals we use and whether they are safe for people with allergies or safe for pets. We are glad to answer all your questions to make you feel at ease with the process.

Serving a Variety of Residences

Whether you live in a condo, duplex, apartment or single-family home, we are glad to provide you with residential pest control services. Maybe the people in the apartment next door moved out and now you’re dealing with an invasion of ants. We can help. Or, perhaps you’re beginning to see mice droppings in the bottom of a coat closet that sits against an exterior wall of your duplex. We can solve your problem. Our expert technicians have seen it all! We can diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

Things to Do Before Your Technician Arrives

Your licensed technician will be able to diagnose the problem even more quickly if the area is clear of items that may inhibit his view. For instance, if you see mouse droppings on the floor of your coat closet, remove shoes, umbrellas and other items so the technician has a clear view of the entire floor. Or if you’ve seen tiny piles of dirt or other insect like constructions in your garage or shed, move tools and other items away so our technician can see into the corners of the structure. Insects and other pests love to hide in dark corners. You may find it helpful to make a list of questions to ask the technician if you want to know more about the pest that’s invaded your living area.

Thorough Follow-Up

Once we apply the pest control treatment to your residence, we follow-up to see if the treatment was fully effective. We want to make sure that we covered all the areas inhabited by pests in and around your residence. In addition, we share some tips with you on how to prevent more pest problems. For instance, it’s important to keep your pet’s eating area clean to discourage ants and other insects from feasting on crumbs and spilled food. Plus, using caulk to fill in the gaps around exterior pipes can keep insects and rodents from gaining access to your house.

Finally, we understand how annoying and frustrating it can be to have rodents or insects invading your home. Our award-winning company provides residential pest control services on an appointment basis. We are also available for emergencies. Our experienced technicians and other courteous staff members are ready to help you get rid of your pest problem. Give us a call today!